Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Computer Aggravations

I'm having trouble getting connected to the internet with my computer. Our wireless network was knocked out the other day when we lost power for a few hours, and then even when L got home and got it restarted, my computer still won't connect. My other computer will, which is how I'm posting this.

Yes, I have two computers. One's a PC and the other is a Mac. I'm "in the process"* of switching from the PC to the Mac, and all my music and photos are on the Mac, as are most of my files. Any Excel spreadsheets are on the PC as is Quicken. Someday I'll get it all moved over but days like this I'm glad to still have both.

This is exactly why I had to talk L into me getting a Mac - he's an IT guy, but he only knows PCs, not Macs, so he was concerned about being able to give technical support if anything happened. I kept pointing out the articles about how trouble-free Macs are. And it has been, mostly, it's just this wireless connection that won't automatically reconnect. The Airport has forgotten it's password, and even though I'm entering in the password it's saying it's not correct. I just don't know.

It's driving me nuts because all blog surfing is usually done from the Mac. Although blog posting is done from the PC, but that's another complaint for another day.

I dread telling L it's still not working because he is just NOT going to want to have to hassle with it. I keep hoping I can figure it out on my own, but so far no success.

*I put in the process in quotes because it's, um, been a few months. If I stretch the definition of a few very liberally. What can I say, I really do find some advantages to having the two. And there's room for both on my computer desk. :)

Several days later, I told L that it still wasn't working (he'd had a couple challenging days at work and I didn't want to stress him out more). After a couple of attempts, it turns out that it was just that the Mac had forgotten the wireless network password, and the password I knew for it is apparently a secondary password. It needed the primary one which is about 24 digits long and a random assortment of letters and numbers and capitalizations. So once he gave that to me it's worked fine. Yay! I'm back to both of them working.

Now I just need to get the Mac to play nicely with Blogger.

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