Sunday, March 2, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday - Beef with Dilled Onion Gravy. In the slow cooker of course. I love dill, and had the last of the fresh dill I bought last week to use up, so this one is perfectly timed.

Monday - Southwest Corn and Roasted Red Pepper Soup. A new recipe but man it sounds good. Actually, I'm fixing it in the slow cooker Sunday and then reheating it Monday, so that should make for a super easy night. The hardest part will be finding room in the fridge for the entire container of soup.

Tuesday - Hungarian Goulash. Another new one. Hope L likes it!

Wednesday - Nothing specifically planned. We just never need something every night; sandwiches or spaghetti or pizza are always good fill-ins if we don't have enough leftovers.

Thursday - Macaroni and Cheese. Because I love it.

Friday - Black Bean Soup. I need to get my soup fix in while the weather is still cold enough for L to eat soup. Once it warms up, it'll be on hiatus again until next fall. And I will be very very sad.

Saturday - Once again, nothing specifically planned. We often go out for lunch on Saturdays so we're not that hungry for dinner.

Sunday - Beef Burgundy. In the slow cooker, of course.

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