Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Goals

Highest priority for the month:
  3. Send in FSA reimbursement
  4. Deposit checks
  5. Work on correspondence course*
  6. Backup Quicken & other computer data
  7. Make 2008 files
  8. February financials done
  9. Go over Feb financials & March budget with L
  10. Menu plan for month
  11. Return LE items

*Notice I didn't list finishing the course this month. I'm not sure how long other things (like taxes) will take so I'm not wanting to set myself up to fail. As long as I work on it a bit I'll be happy.
Maybe do, if above gets completed first:
  1. Hook up new printer
  2. Archive Quicken
  3. Goodwill run
  4. Send family vacation pics
  5. Pick color for panels in bathroom
  6. Buy new bath mat
  7. Look for pictures or something for bathrooms
  8. Look for/figure out window treatment for bathroom
  9. Burn disc for C with bathroom remodel photos
  10. Inventory bathroom, bedroom & closet
  11. Inventory kitchen & laundry
  12. Call or email A
  13. Download inventory software
  14. Books ready to donate

And some specific cleaning tasks, all in the kitchen and laundry:
  1. sweep thoroughly
  2. mop thoroughly
  3. decrumb toaster
  4. decrumb toaster oven
  5. clean fridge
  6. clean freezer
  7. vacuum fridge coils
  8. declutter cabinets
  9. clean out pantry
  10. clean out baking cabinet
  11. declutter laundry closet
  12. vacuum lint trap
  13. clean microwave
  14. clean dishwasher
  15. clean oven
  16. clean washer
  17. clean dryer
  18. declutter recipe binder
  19. clean windows (including sills)
  20. clean doors (including frame)
  21. clean light fixtures
  22. clean countertops thoroughly
  23. clean table thoroughly (don't forget legs!)
  24. clean baking cart thoroughly
  25. clean baseboards
  26. clean trash can
  27. update to do/to buy list
  28. update inventory

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