Thursday, November 15, 2007


That's how I'm feeling about work lately. I'm getting supremely frustrated with things that used to not bother me, or at least not much. I know a lot of my frustrations are because I never expected to be in the job for as long as I have been (3 1/2 years now) but I still need to figure out a way to deal with it better, or decide that it's time to move along.

But to what, that is the real question, and one I've been debating for quite awhile. Since my husband & I have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years, my interest in pursuing a serious career-type position is low. However, there is no guarantee that we will ever have a baby, so perhaps I should get serious about moving out of my dead-end job. And I shouldn't call it a dead-end job, because it's not like what that usually implies. It's just there is no place to move up in my job, unless some coworkers leave, which isn't something I really want to wait on.

The hubs is encouraging me to just quit - we don't *need* my paycheck, although it does cover all those fun things like new computers, regular vacations, a generous eating out budget, etc... It's also what's allowed us to save up that often recommended 6-month emergency fund. We'd have to watch our spending lots more, and not put as much money toward paying the mortgage early. Maybe that's not reason enough though.


Di said...

Hi Renee,

I'm reading your blog backwards, and feel like I am watching my own life!

I have a heart to be at home, but currently work almost full time in an uninspiring job, but I stick at it because the money is nice, the hours are nice, the people are nice and I have a car-park. However, I have reduced my hours, and Hubby has taken the decision to let me come home full time as we don't need my income to live relatively comfortably. I have spent so long praying and asking to come home that now he has said 'ok then, its time I really trusted God' I suddenly feel a bit lost with it all... At the moment I plan to come home in March next year.

Could you reduce your hours? Perhaps doing that might make a difference in getting pregnant...? Just a thought, we got pg the first time (and lost 7 weeks later) after I reduced my working week by 1 day...

Love Di x

Renee said...

Hi Di,

Thanks for your comment. I've just gone to your blog and you're right, it is like seeing my own life.

Unfortunately I can't reduce my hours, it's all or nothing. I asked quite a while ago about changing to a four-day work week, (working longer hours those days to get my time in) to avoid one day of commuting hassles but that was not approved.

I'll probably be posting more about this soon because I think I've come to some decisions since I last wrote about this.