Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

I'm going to confess a secret here. I'm addicted to Dancing with the Stars. I make my husband record it, and he always watches it with me. I think he's really looking forward to it ending (fairly) soon, but he does at least indulge me in my whim and watches it with me.

I can't decide who I want to win, which I think is just confirmation that I don't really have a favorite this season. I think Helio is my least favorite of the ones left (Mel B is my husband's least favorite) & we both like Jennie a lot. Marie is inconsistent for me - I *loved* her quickstep last week but other times she disappoints me. Cameron has grown on me, and I do think he entertains. We were both glad that Jane left this week, not because she's terrible or anything, but because we prefer the other five more. Can't wait to see next weeks.

Oh, and the trick to the show is RECORDING IT. Sheesh, what a tremendous amount of commercials/annoying Samantha interviews. So much nicer being able to fast forward. But don't fast forward through any DanceCenter spots - those are really funny!

One final suggestion, if you miss an episode, read all about it at my favorite recap site, Television Without Pity.

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