Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Yeah, so I went to Super Target yesterday. I knew better than to go today when everyone would be doing last minute panicked shopping. Must have green beans! And cream of mushroom soup! And fried onions!!!

Seriously people, that casserole is gross. My husband loves it however, especially made with canned beans and that to me is completely inedible.

Anyway, I wasn't really planning on writing about green bean casserole, just saw two separate endcap displays with all the fixins' for it. Apparently they're expecting a run on green bean casserole stuff.

Talking about green bean casserole reminds me of last Thanksgiving, where I was asked to bring it. So I made it with frozen green beans; then at least it's edible for me. But, even better, is that I made a separate dish of green beans almandine. Guess which ones went first? Yup, the version with almonds and no nasty soup. This year I wasn't asked to make it so I'm sure it's back to gross canned beans so no beans for me Thursday.

Back to Target, it was very busy but I eventually got all my stuff and then waited FOREVER in line because after I'd unloaded enough items to fill the conveyor belt, the computer crashed as the checkout person was processing the customer's payment. Well, crashed may not be exactly what happened, but they said it shut itself off, so that seems like a crash to me. So they had to wait for it to reboot, then ring all of her stuff again, then she paid and then finally my order could start being rung up. Ugh, did I pick the wrong line. Fortunately I was smart and had visited the bathroom before I started shopping so I was not desperate like I would have been otherwise.

Got home and fortunately hubs was home and helped me carry the bags inside. Then I made him take me out to dinner because I was worn out and starving. He's a good guy.

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