Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top Chef!

Spoilers ahead so if you don't want to know who wins, STOP READING!

Watched the recorded finale for Top Chef tonight with L. We're new to the show, only discovering it this season (and after missing the first two episodes for this season). We pretty quickly had Stephanie as our favorite chef so we were THRILLED when she won. I was disappointed that Richard did so poorly - he was our 2nd favorite and his choking in the finale was quite a surprise.

I am still just shocked though that a chef would go into a competition like that without have a couple of rock-solid desserts that they know absolutely cold. Thankfully that didn't come back to bite Stephanie when her dessert course wasn't where it should have been. I thought it looked good though! And I would love to eat her lamb dish with the braised pistachios. Yummm!

Mostly I'm glad that such an (apparently) nice person won - she seemed like she was such a great team player and got along with the other chefs (as opposed to one of her competitors). So bravo Stephanie - and I would love to go to whatever new restaurant she eventually opens.

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