Monday, June 16, 2008

Making My Home a Haven Monday

Crystal is having a refresher on Making Your Home a Haven. Considering how I've gotten out of the habit of being consistent with housework, I can use this.

My morning routine was actually all finished before leaving for work - and that's even with adding an hour of exercise to my morning routine for the very first time. Got it done and still made it to work on time (ok, made it to work for my new, later arrival time).

The last week I've been doing a very good job of making a list every night before going to bed and prioritizing the top 5 or so items - I've almost always gotten them completed and then work on getting more done. So far my plan of making myself rewrite everything that doesn't get crossed off makes me very motivated to finish things!

My top items today were:
Shred paperwork
Fix dinner
Pay bills
Post on blog

So far everything is done except paying the bills, and I'll get to that as soon as I finish this post. Although, in the spirit of full disclosure, there is still more to shred, I'm just splitting it up so I've finished my allotment for today.

My ten minutes today are going to be spent tidying my office which has had another paper explosion. I do want to get the bills paid first, and then I'll spend another 10 - 15 minutes getting as much done as possible.

Bills are paid, I straightened up a bit, and now I'm getting ready for bed - I am completely exhausted tonight! I think the exercise this morning has caught up to me.

Thanks for the challenge Crystal!

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