Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does 2 = a Streak?

I think it should, because that means I've started a new blogging streak. Woo-hoo! Two days in a row!

Dinner tonight was a bit of a bust. I originally planned to make stovetop meatloaf (by which I mean, meatloaf cooked on top of the stove, not meatloaf made with stovetop stuffing), but I just was very uninterested in it when it came time to fix it.

Instead I tried a new recipe, for beef and gnocchi pie. While the theory is good, and it certainly was an easy way to have a meat-and-potato dish, it just was a little bland for my taste. L thought it was really good though so I guess it was just me. I'm trying to restrain myself from heading back into the kitchen and making some brownies or apple dumplings or something sweet. I try to limit that sort of baking to the weekend.

My laundry is now calling me to move it along if I want to have clean pants to wear to work tomorrow. And that would probably be a good thing so I'll leave it at that and plan to post again tomorrow.

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