Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week Twenty

Obviously the big news this week was the revealing ultrasound. And just the enjoyment of watching him move around and learning that he looks fine and everything about the pregnancy looks good.

Weight update: Success? I'm down only 1 pound since week sixteen. And that's after almost 5 days of regular non-pregnancy-related illness that left me not eating much at all, so really, excluding that week where I had the what felt like the plague, I'm sure I would have gained weight.

Honestly, I have never once before in my life had any issue with gaining weight. This is beyond bizarre.

I've been feeling the baby move a LOT more this week which is completely awesome. And I feel like the last two weeks have definitely included a significant "pop" in the size of my stomach. There's no doubt now. Well, ok, there still is plenty of doubt when I'm wearing my winter coat, but as long as I'm not wrapped up in a big coat it's obvious.

As a joke I've been calling him Giuseppe. Because I think that name is great but would be an odd choice for us. So it's fun to use it for him until he arrives and we reveal the real name. We also have been tossing around completely ridiculous options to be silly, and telling them to L's brother just because his responses are so funny.


Susan said...

If you decide not to go with Guiseppe, suggest the name to John and Tonya. A Guiseppe would fit right in with his sisters Cosette and Winnipeg.

Renee said...

Oh, they're welcome to the name Giuseppe if they have a boy. We've got a name picked out and that's not it. But I do think it's a fun name to say! I've loved it ever since taking Italian in college and one of the guys in class was called that. Took me awhile to figure out that his name was Joe outside of class.