Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Most Exciting Wednesday Ever

Well, maybe I exaggerate a tiny bit.

But still! Today! This afternoon! An ultrasound that will hopefully show us if I'm going to have to start randomly mentioning how much I hate pink in an effort to minimize the amount of that color that will be entering my life, or if it's blue all the way. Because yes, I fully expect most of the family at the very least to go full-out with traditional gender colors. Which is why I might have to figure out how to not very subtly emphasize that yellow and green and lavender sure are pretty and yet still feminine.

I'm still recovering from the year I spent in college in a PINK!!!! dorm. Everything was pink. EVERYTHING. Pepto pink no less. So hideous. It's left me scarred for life apparently.

Anyway, back to the baby stuff. As much as I'm looking forward to hopefully finding out, I'm also just looking forward to seeing the baby on the ultrasound. Last time, I hadn't realized just how amazing that would be - watching the baby wriggle around - we could have sat there for hours. This time, I know that we should see the baby move more and that thrills me.

So, as we prepare to go to the ultrasound, anyone want to make a guess as to what we'll be expecting in June?


Jennifer said...

We're all so excited to find out!

Susan said...

A girl?

Renee said...

I am so mean that I'm still not posting it. Not until I get the ultrasound pics ready to go. So the online wait continues...

But the ultrasound itself was everything I'd hoped it would be - lots of views of a very wriggly baby and everything looked great!