Friday, November 7, 2008

Week Six

It can't be a surprise that I've been doing a LOT of reading since getting that positive test (or tests, since I couldn't believe the first one or two I took).

Even though most sites just repeat similar information, I still find it fascinating. has images from week six and Baby Center has a graphic showing what the baby (embryo) looks like.

Baby Center also has lots of info, as does ivillage, American Pregnancy, and Kids Health. And finally, Amalah's take on week six is fun.

My take on it? So far I'm just tired, but it feels like I should say it as TIRED, SO, SO, VERY TIRED. Driving home from work I pray the entire way that I will be alert because I feel like I could easily doze off. Not a good idea on the interstate. I come home from work and sit on the couch. I walk upstairs and need to rest for a few minutes after all that hard work. I haven't worked a full day at work for a week and a half; I come in much closer to 9 than the 7 arrival time that's normal, but I still leave shortly after 3 as if I'd gotten to work on time. It's just all I can manage for the moment.

Dinner over the last week or so has been nonexistent; I'm just too tired to deal with it and can't really face eating much anyway. Menu planning has gone out the window for the moment. I'm just trying to come up with a couple of things I can do or L can fix during the week. I've also done virtually nothing towards cleaning or organizing for awhile; keeping the kitchen clean is all I can manage; anything else is having to wait.

I've had a lot of queasiness, especially if I get too hungry, although when I get that way I don't really want to eat anything, but know that if I don't I'll throw up. I'm struggling to eat enough protein (a frequent issue for me, even before conceiving). About the only things I think I'm doing really well diet-wise is no caffeine and I'm drinking enough water I should float away. I have also almost tamed my sweet-tooth so I suppose that's something as well. I've also not had a soda since seeing those lines appear! I was down to drinking Dr. Pepper only on the weekend, but hadn't quite been able to ditch it altogether. Motivation is a wonderful thing.

I'm also not sleeping well. Most of my life I've had trouble falling asleep, but generally once I fall asleep I stay asleep. Since before even getting the positive test I've been tossing and turning all night, waking up multiple times. At first I blamed it on travel and not being in my bed, but I've been home for two weeks now and it's getting worse not better. I'm not having to go to the bathroom, I'm just waking up. It's annoying and not helping with the tiredness, but mostly it's just strange to me; I'm not used to not sleeping through the night!

I know I should be exercising, but please see above re: TIRED. It's not happening. I got a pregnancy exercise DVD from the library and some day if I have energy I'll give it a try. That day might be tomorrow, but it's not today.

None of the above should be read as a complaint; I am not trying to complain or whine, just recording how I'm doing. I am so delighted to be in this situation and I want to remember it all. Yes, even the tiredness aspect. Because at least I'm feeling that way for a great reason.

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Giggles said... (I think that is the website) has a really neat e-mail that they will send you weekly to let you know what is happening with the baby. Also, if you decide that you want a weekly countdown, has cute ones.