Tuesday, November 18, 2008


  • 11/18/08 First time morning sickness included vomiting rather than just overwhelming nausea. Followed moments later by the second time.

  • 11/18/08 First time pregnancy hormones made me cry over something absurdly trivial.

  • 11/17/08 First doctor's visit which confirms that yes, I really am pregnant and I didn't pee on a stick incorrectly.

  • 11/17/08 First ultrasound which confirms that yes, we really are having a baby. As L put it, a human baby, not a sea monkey (although right now it might look more sea-monkeyish).

  • 11/17/08 First time hearing the heartbeat. Just. Wow.

  • 11/17/08 First time seeing the baby move. It's a wriggly little thing! Emphasis on little. And wriggly.


Giggles said...

Thanks for sharing. :)

Catherine said...

Congratulations that all is going well!!!