Friday, November 14, 2008

Week Seven has images from week seven and Baby Center has a graphic showing what the baby (embryo) looks like. And with less pictures but more text, is Baby Center again and of course Amalah.

So how's it going? A few impressions of the week:


I managed to almost throw up this morning while brushing my teeth. Because you know, brushing teeth is normally gag-inducing.


I also almost threw up when I:
  1. smelled the bathroom. Not that it's dirty or gross or anything, it just was still apparently a little much for me.
  2. smelled the kitchen trash. Which does need to be emptied, but honestly, it's not that bad. I mean, it's certainly been worse.
  3. stood up too quickly. Yeah, because that's so often a nausea-inducing move.

My brain cells are not responding to my requests for information or real thought. I think they're busy thinking "donotpukedonotpukedonotpuke." Hence the limited updates here; I've got lots of drafts started but most of them tend to be one or two sentences. And those sentences don't always make sense.


How on earth do women do it who have like, real jobs (as in, physically demanding) or lots of small children to take care of? Or all the other women of history who would either like to tell me to suck it up and quit being such a lazy whiner, because they had it much much harder. Or else perhaps they'd be kind and tell me to enjoy resting while I can.


I really have to admit (and I'm only doing so because as far as I know my boss does not read this blog) that I have been just about useless at work recently. I get maybe 2 hours of work in a day; the rest is spent:
  1. going back and forth to the bathroom because I have to pee seventy times just before lunch.
  2. thinking about what I could possibly eat that won't make me wretch.
  3. getting something to eat if I can think of something.
  4. zoning out in front of the computer.
  5. checking my email and answering any that don't require real thought or effort.
  6. talking with friends about how tired I am.
  7. staring at the clock wondering if it's too early for me to sneak out yet and go home.

And hey! My first doctor's visit in next week and we are VERY excited about that.


Giggles said...

I had to laugh about your puke blog! I was sick the entire 5 1/2 months of my pregnancy. I could only do minimal tooth brushing and chewed gum on my way to student teach EVERY morning so hopefull no one could tell that I had just "brushed at my teeth". Being around 7th graders and then 2nd graders didn't help the situation much at all. The positive note on not being able to eat much was that I lost 25 pounds (lucky for me I had it to lose!)
I continue to pray for you and your hubby and your baby. :)

Di said...

It all sounds totally normal! And hopefully the nausea should pass around 12 weeks, tho it was 14 for me. I spent the first few weeks eating chocolate digestive biscuits and mint imperials. If you keep something in your stomach all the time, it should help with the feeling sick...

Also, rest up!!

Renee said...

Thanks for your comments!

Giggles - I've resorted to breath mints much more frequently than ever before. It's the best I can do at times. Thanks for your prayers.

Di - I've definitely noticed that I need to not let my stomach get too empty. I've got crackers and dry cereal at my desk at work and have been using that when needed.

What are mint imperials? It's got to be good with "mint" in the name.