Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

Somehow this was still saved as a draft instead of being published last week when I thought it was. Whoops.
  • That work is being so flexible with me letting me work shorter days as I use comp time & stockpiled PTO to make up for my missing hours.

  • That I had leftover beef "burgundy" in the freezer and it made an extremely tasty and easy meal last night. And by "easy" I mean that L handled all of it - reheating the beef and cooking egg noodles & broccoli to go along with it.

  • That Monday night's meal success gave me ideas for additional weekend cooking I might attempt, for L to then easily manage weeknight meals. If that's all I'm trying to do on the weekend I can manage some cooking; it's trying to cook after working all day (or as all day as it gets lately, it's still a longish day after my commute) that I can't seem to manage.

  • That I found two receipts L needed for work. Why this became my problem I'm not completely sure, but still, they're found and he can get reimbursed now. Combined, they were close to $200 so I definitely am glad I found them!

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