Saturday, November 1, 2008


November, which is the start of another NaBlPoMo. I'm not sure I'm up to trying it again, but I did find it useful last year so maybe I will give it another shot.

So, today I volunteered in the library as I usually do on the first Saturday of the month. Then L and I ran some errands and I spent the rest of the day and evening on the couch. We watched a lot of football interspersed with recorded TV.

At some point I'll need to try and come up with a menu for the week, but at best it'll be tomorrow morning before I tackle that.


andrea_jennine said...

I did NaBloPoMo last year, too, and I thought about doing it this year but realized it's completely unrealistic since I'm struggling to post once a week right now!

Renee said...

Yeah, I have no idea if I'll be able to keep it up; I've had trouble getting back into a regular posting schedule since returning from our trip. I just know that last year was really helpful for me establishing the habit originally, so this one might be the same. Maybe??

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