Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Things That Make Me Happy

BooMama started it, and here's mine:
  1. FALL. I am so with her on this one. I love it and have been waiting anxiously for it to arrive. As far as I'm concerned, we could skip right over July & August.
  2. Playoff baseball. (Go Rays!)
  3. College football. (Go USF!*)
  4. Pro football. (Go Bucs! And Colts!) (NFC/AFC makes it so easy)
  5. The NHL is almost here. (Go Lightning!)
  6. Going to conferences for work that end up being more like a vacation than real work.
  7. Going out to eat while traveling for work and having it be covered by my per diem. Why yes, I would like a cocktail before dinner.
  8. Music.
  9. My iPod.
  10. Podcasts.
  11. Facebook. Yes, I've discovered it and it's been fun finding some old friends.
  12. Baking season. (See #1 above)
  13. Christmas is coming!
  14. My sweetie won his fantasy football league and wants to buy me gifts with his winnings. Score!
  15. My new trash basket in my office.
  16. Being told one day that my hair looked really good. (Is there anyone that doesn't make happy?)
  17. Reading great books.
  18. Reading fun books.
  19. Learning new things.
  20. Being able to use all the parenthesis I want and not getting comments from my teacher about the excessive amount in my writing.
  21. Kind comments after writing the hardest posts I've ever written (one and two).
*My college football allegiances are complicated and go by a hierarchy; after USF the SEC almost always rules (except Alabama and Arkansas), but I do have favorites amid the SEC (Florida). The Pac 10 is always at the bottom, except for Oregon State. The Big Ten varies. Ohio State & Michigan are both loathed (Ohio State more, just because of their player's obnoxiousness over "THE Ohio State University" during NFL introductions) but I'll root for the Hoosiers & Purdue if they're not playing another team I like more. The Big 12 is kind of ignored. The Big East is all despised except for USF.   And Miami is always hated.  Please.  The "U".  Gahhh.)  Yes, I realize I am somewhat obsessed and possibly need help.  

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Life In Progress said...

It's so funny that you wrote this list because as soon as I saw that list over at BooMama I thought, "Oh, well, I have to do that too!" It was such a great idea for a post. So, I may be copying both of you soon!

I'm with you on many of these especially #1. I'm delighted with the cooler Fall weather around here. I had Fall candles burning all day today just to remind myself that the oppression of August is OVER!