Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Fave Five

I'm new to this, but it sounds like fun on a Friday. My favorites from the week:
  1. Not having to go to work today. I'm heading out of town early Saturday morning and it has made it so much easier to get ready for my trip by having the day off.

    I had time to read the Bible more than usual on a weekday, I did some laundry for the trip, paid bills, and have begun to gather my things for the trip (using my packing list, of course). I even baked a loaf of banana bread since our flights out have no food service and little time to get anything at the airport. I'll slice the bread tonight and package it so that we can take some of it with us and the rest will go in the freezer.

  2. Did I mention I'm going out of town? Because I am, and I'm excited. It'll be a short trip and most of it is work-related but still. It should be fun.

    My husband is going with me, in part. The weekend is the not work-related part; we'll be visiting his family. Then Monday we'll drive to the conference city, where I'll attend the conference, and he'll visit additional family. We'll fly back separately since he returns a day before me.

  3. The weather has turned cool again. We had a few days of fall-like weather at the beginning of the month, but then it turned back into more summer-like temps. I'm glad that it looks like fall is here to stay. Of course this happens just as we're getting ready to leave town, heading towards a city that is forecast to be in the mid 80s.

  4. I made some banana-pineapple bread for my husband and he raved about it all week which made me very happy.

  5. I received a new book in the mail today, in time for me to take it on my trip. I can't wait to read it! I'm kind of nervous about reviewing it; I don't know that I'm very good at writing reviews but I'll do my best.


Susanne said...

Hello Renee! Nice to have you jump in and do Friday's Fave Five!

The trip sounds like fun and a free book is always a fave thing around here! I also love fall and the cooler weather although today is very, very windy. Definitely blowing the leaves right off the trees.

ellen b said...

Have fun on your trip! I'm hoping for cooler weather here!!

Renee said...

@ susanne - that's too bad that the wind is blowing the leaves off the trees already! I'm enjoying the fall color and don't want it to go too quickly.

@ ellen b - thanks! I'm getting really excited about the trip!

Lana G! said...

Enjoy your trip! I know what you mean about reviewing books!

Willow said...

Enjoy your trip! I love to travel and enjoy hearing of other people's travels. And having a day off to pack is good.

Robin said...

Have a great time away! I'm on a trip myself this week - visiting Washington DC where I've never been before. It's amazing!