Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Fave Five

I had fun participating last week, want to participate again as I get back into the swing of things here. So this is the just-returned-home edition:
  1. I'm back home from my trip. It ended up being a really really boring conference and I was very happy to come home.

  2. I am so so happy that I have today off from work as well, because I would have been exhausted if I'd had to go into work this morning. As it was, I didn't get up until 9:30. I think I was still on Vegas time so based on that, 6:30 isn't so bad.

  3. The weather is cool and rainy and very fall-like. I love it!

  4. I had one meal in Vegas that I'm still dreaming about - steak frites with bernaise sauce. It was fantastic! The frites were just ok, but the steak made up for it.

  5. It was nice seeing family over the weekend; I had a nice talk with my sister-in-law on Saturday and got to see all the brothers-in-law.


Susanne said...

What is a frite? I've never heard of those.
I too, love the fall weather. Enjoy your day off from work!

Renee said...

Frites are just French french fries. As in, fries the way they make them in France. They're usually long and very skinny (almost like shoestring potatoes). These were actually not long and skinny frites, instead they were wider and very flat.

Steak frites is very typical French (or maybe more specifically Parisian?) bistro/brasserie food. Not that I've ever eaten it in France, just in U. S. restaurants that are going for that type of cuisine.

It's meat and potatoes, so it has to be good, right? ;)

All Rileyed Up said...

I don't think I've ever had a meal in Vegas go astray. Sounds yummy.

Barbara H. said...

I always need a day off after traveling -- I'm glad you had one. That dinner sounds great!

ellen b said...

Glad you got a day off! Good times with family is always great. have a wonderful weekend.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing, great list.

Lana G! said...

Oh I always need a day or two or three to recuperate from a trip! Glad you enjoyed it!