Monday, October 6, 2008

Hoping 21 Days = A Habit

I've blogged before about my dismal efforts at fitness, and over the last couple of weeks it's been hitting me that I really REALLY need to start doing something. I'm not taking care of the body God gave me, and my lack of self-discipline in that area is carrying over into other areas.

That said, I was happy to see Mrs. H is trying to walk for 21 days to get in that habit. Best of all, she's inviting others to join her! I'm going to give it my best shot, and am announcing it here hoping that the risk of possible shame will keep me going even if my natural inclination towards laziness would otherwise get me to quit.

So, a new widget on the side tracking my fitness time. I'm not promising to actually walk every day because the weather might prohibit it. But if I can't walk, I'll do something else instead and list it.


Jennifer said...

Hi...I am also walking the the team from Mrs. H's blog. I love that you mentioned wanting to walk not just for exercise but also to take care of these temples Christ has give us. The right reason might keep us even more motivated. Did you walk today?

I enjoyed looking through your blog and I especially love the...Count it Pure Joy! Wonderful!

Have a great Monday, Jennifer

Renee said...

Hi Jennifer - thanks for visiting & commenting!

I didn't walk today but I did spend 30 minutes on our exercise machine, so I'm counting that since I was more concerned with exercise time than walking specifically.

The weather is supposed to be cooler after today though so I hope to walk later in the week. The exercise machine is boring (even with watching TV while using it).