Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weeks Twelve & Thirteen

Yeah, I missed week twelve. Whoops. So, instead, a two-week recap.

I had my twelve-week doctor's appointment where I learned that I've lost 7 pounds since the week eight visit. Apparently frequent vomiting + the inability to eat very much at any one time = losing weight. Since I was overweight at the beginning of the pregnancy, it's not really as big of a deal as it might otherwise be.

Still vomiting occasionally (i.e., every third day or so) and still feeling very very queasy on the non-vomiting days. Still not able to eat much, and still don't have a lot of energy. I do have enough energy to sit on the couch and read a lot though, so it's not all bad. ;)

And, links: has images from week twelve & thirteen. Baby Center has a graphic showing what the baby (embryo) looks like at twelve weeks and at thirteen weeks. And with less pictures but more text, is BabyCenter at twelve weeks and at thirteen weeks and of course Amalah at week twelve and week thirteen.

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