Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week Eleven

So. Still itching. Have figured out some ways to minimize it, but can't get rid of it completely. And if I don't slather (and I mean SLATHER) on lotion within a few minutes of getting out of the shower it's too late. I'm doomed to itch like crazy until my next shower & chance to moisturize.

I spoke a little too soon on the nausea easing. Thursday was one of my worst days ever; I may have thrown up close to 20 times during the day in three marathon sessions. Unfortunately one of the sessions was at work. Fortunately I made it to the bathroom and no one else was in there so I had some privacy at least. And one of my friends there got me a Sprite when I asked her to in hopes it would ease my stomach a bit (it did). I threw up so much that day that my throat burned for hours; maybe too much stomach acid passing by? I'm definitely hoping that was just a big finale and that it'll mark the final day of vomiting for me.

Still having occasional mild cramping and still not as regular as I'd like to be.

I think this week mostly brought on lots of excitement that we are so close to being out of the first trimester! And that means I'll be spilling the beans at work, to more than just my closest friends there. Although, with the Christmas holiday and my vacation plans and all, I'll probably be waiting until the New Year to announce at work anyway. Which, eh, close enough. It'll be something exciting to talk about in January which so often needs it. I mean, I can only talk about the NFL playoffs on a couple of days, and beyond that we'll need another topic. (Monday and Friday will probably still be devoted to playoff discussions, at least with one coworker in particular).

And, some of my favorite sites: has images from week eleven. Baby Center has a graphic showing what the baby (embryo) looks like. And with less pictures but more text, is Baby Center again and of course Amalah.

And, I found a cool day-by-day pregnancy calendar which I've had fun perusing. If that's not enough, yet another daily calendar


Kate said...

So sorry you've been so sick. Sounds dreadful.

I can't believe you're almost finished the first trimester already. And what wonderful Christmas news to be able to share with friends!

Renee said...

Thanks. Some moments certainly have been dreadful, but I'm still just so amazed by it.

In many ways I think the vomiting / lack of energy is bothering my husband more than me; I think he's just wishing he could help me in some way beyond what he's doing.

Kristin said...

I feel so terrible for you. I've suffered terrible nausea through all five of my previous pregnancies and I think it has finally passed this pregnancy.

I pray that the rest of your pregnancy passes well for you. What is your due date? Our little one is due June 19.