Monday, June 15, 2009

To Do before D-Day

Wishful thinking perhaps, but here goes. Some are obviously more important/urgent than others:

Baby Related
  • Find a pediatrician
  • Pack bag for hospital (first, create a packing list so I don't forget anything important)
  • Send out thank you notes for all baby gifts (these are all done for everything we've received so far; I just know that we've been told there are some additional items on their way to us, so I can't let myself cross it off yet)
  • Charge batteries for cameras
  • Wash crib bedding & make up crib
  • Put together pack & play
  • Wash clothing & other items we'll use the first month or so
  • Figure out how to use breast pump
  • Get some pictures of me (?)

Still to Get
  • Changing table
  • Changing table pad & cover
  • Boppy & cover
  • Sling
  • Diaper bag
  • Cloth diapers
  • Diaper pail liner
  • Wet bag
  • Stroller
  • Nursing bras or camis or both
  • Waterproof pads (for crib or wherever)
  • Wipes

Maybe Get?

House Related
  • Call about switching futon order
  • Pay bills
  • Caught up on filing (in progress; have it mostly done)
  • Returns to JoAnn
  • Returns to Kohls
  • Returns to Meijer
  • Returns to WalMart
  • Mail Reiman return (find invoice first)
  • Mail package to France
  • Submit expenses for FSA reimbursement (sent off the physical therapy receipts but can't find the ob receipts. Must look harder. I blame the desk move.)
  • Donations to library (in progress; made one trip but have another one to do still)
  • Paper recycling to bin
  • Office closet organized (i.e. books & supplies stashed!)
  • Find Lowe's receipt for L to make return
  • Returns to Lowes (need L's help to carry it)
  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean out freezer (didn't get it 100%, but I made progress on it.)
  • Wash guest room sheets & make bed
  • Get guest room ready (i.e. move the rest of the baby stuff into the nursery) (in progress)
  • Mail credit card dispute statement
  • Buy CD storage things for L
  • Donations to Goodwill

More to be added as I think of it. And hopefully things will get crossed off soon!

1 comment:

Di said...

Hi Renee,

Glad to hear you are still doing well and are looking forward to your baby's arrival!

Re a couple of things on your 'maybe get' list:

* Car seat base - One of the best things we have. One came with the travel system, but it was so great we bought another one for Hubby's car that we use at weekends.

*Playmat - If you have a pack and play, this maybe surplus to requirements. I use a large towel (easy to wash!), and its been perfect for the job.

Have fun with the last few weeks of just you and L. Life is about to change...!!