Friday, May 29, 2009

Week Thirty-Five

We wrapped up our childbirth prep class series this week. The final session was on postpartum and newborn care. I continued to be impressed at how interesting the instructor made some topics that could have been pretty unpleasant.

We also had a class on natural labor at the beginning of the week, and it also ended up being a terrific class. This one was taught by a woman who is usually a labor & delivery nurse at the hospital, but she LOVES natural labor and teaches a class on it once a month. Her enthusiasm and support for it was fantastic and really made us (i.e., me) think I can do it. Or at least give it a very good shot. :)

I've spoken on the phone with the woman who will most likely be my doula. The way our hospital works is they have doulas, and after I answered questions on my personality & what I wanted & the type of person I thought I'd most be comfortable with, the coordinator matched me with one of the available doulas. We'll meet next week in person to get to know one another & make sure we both think the match will work. She seemed very nice on the phone, so I've got good hopes for it. :)

My belly button is slowly but surely turning into an outie. I'll be honest, it kind of disturbs me. I have no idea why this aspect of pregnancy gets to me so much, but it does. I try to pretend it's not happening.

We hope to get a lot of work done around the house this week so that we feel more prepared for the baby's arrival. I've had a contraction every 3 - 4 hours today so I realize that the end is definitely approaching. And if you're wondering, by "we" I really mean that L will be doing a lot while I do what I can and take lots of breaks on the couch. I don't want to encourage this baby to arrive early!


Giggles said...

Wow, it sure seems like this has passed so quickly (I am sure you don't think so though!) Are you going to share the nursery with us or have I missed that post? I am curious to hear/see what the baby's room is going to look like!

Renee said...

Actually, it really does seem like it's gone by fast. Maybe not some of the individual days when I spent the entire time vomiting, but the pregnancy itself seems to have sped by. Kind of like how I'm expecting babyhood to be - long days but a short time.

You haven't missed the nursery post because I haven't done one (yet). So far the nursery has a mostly bare crib. There is a blanket draped over the crib rails (my weak attempt at decorating) and a cute crib mobile attached to it. Then there's a nightstand, and a loveseat that needs to go away as soon as my husband gets some help moving it downstairs. That's it.

I am hoping that the loveseat will be out this week, and my rocker/recliner can come upstairs which will make the room look somewhat more nursery-like. Additional decorating will wait until after our final shower (next Saturday) so we can see what we have & how to arrange it & all that. Pictures after that as soon as I can manage it because yes I want to share. :) Thanks for asking!