Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Is it tacky to say that on my own blog? Despite the risk, I'm going to do it.

Because yeah, it is. And it's been a nice one. It included this, so how could it not be? And that was after a steak dinner and receiving some beautiful flowers, so it's definitely been nice. And there were cupcakes at work!

Real blog entries coming again soon. I have been sooooooo tired lately that I come home & just collapse. Twittering even has been beyond me. I should start drafting entries during lunch because then I might actually get something posted.

(And Jennifer, hope this counts as enough of a post to knock the cake picture off the top of your screen. Sorry for tormenting you with it for so long!)


Giggles said...

Happy Birthday! Missed you around here!

Kate said...

Happy birthday!!!

Diana said...

Happy belated birthday!! You have the same birthday as my son!! Great people born on May 19th!

I notice you have recently read my book, Regina's Closet. I'd be interested in hearing what you thought.

On another note, i notice you are expecting. My book, YOUR HIGH RISK PREGNANCY; A PRACTICAL AND SUPPORTIVE GUIDE is due out this summer! It has many helpful pages for all pregnancy and also some journaling pages.

I hope you are journaling your pregnancy...your children will really appreciate it!

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Renee said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I hope your son had a great birthday too.

I thought the book was extremely well-written. The way you integrated the two stories and historical information was very smooth & something I think is often not successfully done. I liked how you noted your impressions and thoughts as a child, and then how your perspective changed as an adult as you look back on events (specifically I'm thinking of your descriptions of your grandparents relationship).

Throughout reading the book I was amazed at your grandmother's strength and determination, beginning at such a young age. I've read virtually nothing about WWI beyond general overview type works in school and had no idea what civilians went through. I'm much more familiar with memoirs or biographies from WWII, and I think that helped me appreciate her successful efforts to get her family to the US despite the missing identification.

I wished there was more, that your grandmother had written more, and I also wondered about the rest of your story after the ending of the book. I was also very curious about your dad's story.

I've recommended it to some friends with my only caveat being that it is not a book to read if they're looking for something light or cheerful - it's an engrossing book, but heartrending.

My only journaling has been my "weekly" updates on the blog. Better than nothing I hope. :) Thanks for visiting.