Friday, April 3, 2009

Week Twenty-Seven

Pretty similar to last week still, although I did have a few moments of extreme nausea. No vomiting, but I'd managed to not even feel like I might for a while but it came back. Hopefully not to stay. ;)

I think I've been forgetting to mention one thing I've been dealing with from the very start of the pregnancy. Nose bleeds. It's a daily thing, and it's gross. Fortunately they're pretty small, but they last for ages.

I finally had someone ask me if I was pregnant. I had been wondering how long it would take before someone got confident enough to risk being wrong. Then a couple of hours later someone else just asked me when my baby was due, so I must have really looked it that day.

This week I also received a HUGE box of baby stuff from my family. One box of hand-me-downs, and one full of stuff still in packaging. Some really cute stuff in there too! We really need to step up on getting the nursery set up so we can have a better place to store everything that is accumulating. The last couple of week have brought very little progress partially due to a houseguest, but mostly because L has two fantasy baseball drafts this weekend and he's been working on writing a program for the one draft. Plus developing his draft strategy etc, etc. He takes it all very seriously. Hopefully after Sunday night he'll spend some of his time working on his office which is holding up everything else. Of course, we're going on vacation soon after that which still needs to be planned so I don't know when that will fit in.

Finally, I think I had my first contraction. (or did I already mention this? I'm forgetting what I've told L, friends, family, and the blog). I'm just sort of guessing that's what it was, so I responded to it by drinking some more water since I've heard that that can help prevent them. And, if it wasn't, well, it's still not like more water was going to hurt me. :)

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