Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Looking Forward To...

(because when you can't think of anything else to write, lists are always easy)
  1. This baby arriving!

  2. Baby showers. Believe it or not, I'm having THREE of them! One at work (thanks Jennifer!), one with L's family, and one with L's friends. That makes it sound like I have no friends, doesn't it? Well, I don't really in this state outside of work, and they're already covered. I'm friendly with L's friends, but we're not close. It still kind of amazes me since I had no bridal shower(s). That's what I get for getting engaged immediately after moving to a new state - I had hardly met anyone here so...

  3. Getting the baby's room finished. I must be nesting based on my excitement level over getting furniture arranged & all that.

  4. Shopping for this baby. I've been waiting until the showers are done, so I know what I have & what I'll need but I so want to pick out a homecoming outfit for this little guy.

  5. Telling everyone what his name will be! I know, we've done this to ourselves by deciding not to share before birth, but it's getting harder & harder for me not to share.

  6. My birthday. I need to figure out (i.e. decide) what to ask for it.... Only a few more weeks!

  7. Taking a cake decorating class with my friend Jennifer. How fun does that sound?!? Eventually I'd love to take additional classes from Jo-Ann like knitting, crochet, or sewing.

  8. Getting a fancy manicure/pedicure at a nearby beauty school. Also with Jennifer. We really need to stop talking about it and just schedule it. Although I will admit, they also have a hair & scalp renewal treatment and stress relieving experience that both sound wonderful as well. It might be a tough choice.

  9. Getting haircut. I am way overdue.

  10. Finishing up some projects at work so I can leave with a clean(ish) slate.

  11. Dinner. I'm making pita bread pizza and salad. The whole wheat pitas look delicious, and I've got some great veggies to make it a more interesting salad than just lettuce. Yum!

  12. Strawberry pie. I've got the ingredients, I just have to get the energy to make it (before the strawberries go bad). Probably Saturday morning since it's really doubtful I will after work tomorrow, and I know it won't be tonight.

  13. Summer fruits. I love love LOVE nectarines. I could eat them every day and I don't think I'd ever get tired of them. I certainly don't before their season ends. And the ones that are available the rest of the year don't even compare. And other summer fruits are good too.

  14. Eating here. No plans on when this will happen, but I would love to get there soon. Mmmm, beef. Maybe I can talk Jennifer into going there with me before maternity leave starts. Jennifer??

  15. Making homemade bagels. I'm just not yet sure which ones to try first. Or maybe I should try bialys instead?

  16. Getting a good night's sleep tonight. Last night was not a good night, and I'm exhausted. I hope to sleep well tonight! The bed is already calling to me...

  17. Heaven. :)


Jennifer said...

I'm up for the spa day whenever you are, chica! arm twisting needed. Let's get our meat on at Fogo soon!

Renee said...

Awesome! Now to just fit it in amidst all my doctor's appointments. It seems that's all I'll be doing for the next few weeks.

But, I NEED to go to Fogo. Really, I'm sure it'd be good for my pregnancy-induced anemia. Or at least that sounds like a reasonable excuse. ;)

Susan said...

#2: I wish I could throw you a shower!

#6: What do you want for your birthday, friend?

#17: ME TOO!

I think you need to send your friends some pictures of you carrying Gusieppe so we can pretend that we are still living close by and sharing this time with you ;)

Renee said...

#2 - I wish you could be here for one (or more) of them! You are just too far away. :(

#6 - I have no idea! Really, I keep going back & forth.

I got some pics at the shower yesterday & I even have one or two from our trip to TX so I'll try and share. :)