Thursday, April 9, 2009


We're leaving for vacation in a few days.

No, I'm not trying to be coy and unspecific when I say few days. I'm not sure when we're leaving. Could be Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Or even Tuesday I suppose. L has been so distracted with his baseball drafts that we haven't made any real plans. I haven't really done any planning either because the enjoyment I used to get out of planning trips has been destroyed by having a job that involves making travel arrangements for people in my department.

I do know that we have tickets to a baseball game for Saturday night (the 18th). So we have one date where we have to be in a specific city by a specific time. Besides that...

We're driving, obviously, because we couldn't be so flaky about it if we had plane tickets or anything. I'm just not sure how much I care about having a real plan or if I am happy to just take off and go & whatever we end up seeing/doing is fine. I usually have an itinerary to follow so we don't miss things I want to see, but now? I'm more worried about finding a couple more shirts and some shorts that will be comfortable. I have to fit some shopping in between now & departure or I'll be shopping while we're traveling with I'm sure would just thrill L to no end.