Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

  • I washed a mountain of laundry this weekend.

  • I have not yet folded or put away said mountain. It currently resides on the futon in the family room.

  • I got to the library BY MYSELF. As in, sans child, which meant that I got to drive my car since there was no need for the car seat. I'd forgotten how much fun my car is to drive.

  • G has his four-month well-baby doctor's visit tomorrow. I've been dreading it because the poor guy gets shots. Based on how he cries, I'd say that the shots are much harder on his momma than on him.

  • Not such a good sports weekend. Can I pretend it didn't happen? I wrote too soon! All was redeemed by the amazing finish last night. Which I didn't manage to see thanks to going to bed so early, but the highlights sure were nice. :)

  • I made some AWESOME coconut bread. Unfortunately L also thinks it's awesome and he keeps eating it! I thought it would be all mine, but instead I'm having to share. Drat.

  • I also made some rice pudding that is not even close to awesome. Unfortunately this one is all mine.

  • I cut my finger on the inside of a can while opening it. Now I keep catching it on everything and realizing what an obnoxious spot it's in. Typing isn't easy with it either.

  • I think I've postponed enough. Time for me to get to bed.

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Jennifer said...

Coconut bread sounds amazing!