Monday, November 9, 2009

Turning into a Stereotype

G and I had quite the outing today. I took him in to my old workplace to show him off. He was so good throughout his time being handed from one person to the next. Then we went to lunch together - he fell asleep during the drive so I went through the drive-thru and then ate my sandwich in the truck so I wouldn't disturb him by moving him. After I finished I went to Trader Joe's and read in the parking lot until he woke up (I was trying to avoid him having too short of a nap leading to extreme crankiness later in the day.) We made a semi-quick trip through the store once he was awake, then it was back home.

He's fallen asleep again now, I think all the excitement did wear him out. And I need to see about getting some more accomplished with my day. Like perhaps paying bills and laundry and wonderful things like that.


Jennifer said...

So good to see you and G yesterday. I need to hit up Trader Joe's soon.

Renee said...

Hey thanks - athough I don't really feel like I saw you much at all. ;)

I need to go to TJ's sometime when I've got a little more time or help with Garrett or something. Their carts are hard to manage with him. I like to be able to meander through their aisles seeing what fun stuff they've got. (Especially the wine aisles!)