Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Month

G had his one month well baby visit yesterday. He's not gained as much weight as they would like, so I'm being encouraged to supplement with formula. I am discouraged about that.

G also has a small heart murmur which the doctor said is not uncommon, and with most kids it disappears by their first birthday, but still, I'd rather he not have one at all.

And, G has now decided that he hates his father and only wants me to hold him. I feel so bad for L and also would like to rest my arms and back at times.

I sound really negative with that, so let's focus on the positive. G is starting to smile, especially if you tickle his chin or cheek. It's absolutely enchanting.

He also is quite strong, and turns himself from one side to the other when we put him to sleep. I fully expect him to completely turn over in the not so distant future. He also tries to stand and is more successful at it than I'd expect from such a young baby.

His face is still a mess - too many hormones have him quite rashy. I hope that clears up soon so his pictures start looking better.

Nursing is absolutely one of his favorite things - and he seems to be quite the foodie in that he smacks his lips and nibbles at me as if he's proclaiming over an exquisite morsel or fine bottle of wine. And then he's had enough of that and he dive-bombs right in for his meal. It's one of the funniest sights! And sounds too, because he's very vocal about it - lots of coos and grunts and other noises.

I'm finding more time to read than I'd expected (what with all the nursing) but less time to write or do anything else that requires more than one hand. We're still not on any real routine, but I'm hoping that soon it will happen. I seem to be able to manage maybe 3 tasks in a day besides taking care of him. Typically that means dinner, a load of laundry and one other thing.

I'd hoped to make a dash to the library today during lunch, leaving G with his father, but G decided he wasn't interested in eating anywhere near a time that would allow that to happen. Maybe tomorrow, or else I'll be paying some late fees.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like we have another foodie to join us on our excursions. Yay! Let me know if you're up for a visit soon. I would love to see you! Oh, and have you read the book "Secret Suppers?" I just started it.

Renee said...

Yes - definitely up for a visit whenever it works for you.

Haven't read it - do you like it? Should I request it from the library?

Jennifer said...

Yes, I think you would like it!