Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting it Together

So the baby is a little over 3 weeks old, and we've been home not quite 2 weeks. We've had both sets of grandparents visit, but they've all gone back to their homes now. We're on our own.

And so far it's ok. G is such a good baby - he doesn't cry that much. Tears are mostly reserved for times of extreme hunger. And ok, for him any hunger is extreme, but hey, he's a big boy & has to keep fueled. Tears also frequently accompany diaper changes because apparently those are EEEEEVVVVVVIIIIILLLLLL. The real fury is reserved for the most hated event of all - bath time! He SCREAMS in rage when I have the nerve to bathe him. Unsurprisingly, I bathe him as infrequently as possible because I hate doing something that gets him into such a temper. I'm hoping he'll grow to love bath time, or else there will be a lot of screaming in our future.

Breastfeeding is improving; I went almost a week without having to give him any formula supplement, and if it wasn't for our first outing over the weekend, and a lengthy doctor's appointment for me today, I think we'd still be continuing our formula-free streak. I just couldn't pump enough before my appointment, so I was pretty sure he'd be hungry before my return and my little bottle wouldn't last him. And I ended up giving him a bottle as we drove home from our outing; I don't think he'd gotten as much food as normal throughout the day as we were at the relative's house, and then our long drive home had him in a fit. Hopefully we'll get better at eating away from home soon. He still usually refuses to eat unless I'm using a shield so I hope to get him weaned off of that soon.

I managed to cook dinner tonight for the first time in a LONG time. I picked the menu carefully; it required no last minute work from me and was a very simple one to put together. The bonus was it was cheap, healthy and very tasty too! I love finding new recipes that are great. I'll share the recipe eventually.


Giggles said...

OH, sounds wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Yay! Thank you for updating us! I've been dying to know how you and G are doing. I'm coming alone next time so I can hold the kid!