Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Really Am Still Here

I haven't dropped off the grid, or given up any attempts at blogging. Life just got beyond me for a bit and I took an unexpected hiatus.

Since I've been gone I/we have had:
  • a death in the family (not unexpected, but still, routines went by the wayside, and that included computer time).
  • a hoard of family visiting for the funeral. And I do mean a hoard. I'm getting practice for that bed-and-breakfast I never wanted to open.
  • two illnesses. Spring allergies and guests-bearing-germs to blame.
  • another family visitor.
  • final bits of construction to finish the guest bathroom. Final touches still to come.
  • work frustrations and irritations that have just about reached a breaking point.
  • back spasms that leave me shifting from couch to chair to floor to bed trying desparately to find some position that gives relief from the pain. No idea what brought them on to know what to avoid in the future.

Now I'm trying to reestablish my routines and that's always so much harder than letting them slip originally.

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