Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've started & stopped several blogs, but never had a clear aim for them. Was I blogging for real-life friends & family to keep up-to-date on happenings in my life? Tempting, but I don't have any kids which seems to be real motivation for regular updates of that sort.

Was I blogging as a way of self-reflection and spiritual growth, to the degree that I was uncomfortable with the idea of family & friends reading it? Probably, because that's what I kept drifting back towards. So for now, that's my aim.

I think I want to blog because I've gained so much from reading others blogs. I am so thankful that I discovered bloglines, because it's the only way I'm remotely keeping up with the numerous blogs I read. But I don't like always feeling like a lurker, and yet it seems way more fun to comment if it may lead to a conversation, so I hesitated.

Oh, yeah, and I discovered the personal fun of blogging by starting a review blog with a friend. We've had a lot of fun with it.

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